four shots from liverpool

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columbia road flower market

columbia road flower market

expired FP4 126 in an instamatic

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i can’t even remember how old this film was, i think 70s or 80s, but i couldn’t get the data for it since it was FP4 and not FP4+. i had to call the people at ilford, who apparently tend to use the forums online a lot to keep them informed how people use their films. most interesting but entirely sensible.

i developed it as per FP4+ will a boost of around 20-20% i’d say but since i go a lot on feeling it’s hard to be sure.

FP4 126 cartridge

extreme pushing – delta 3200 to 52000+

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i wanted to use my holga indoors, back had little available light, so i pushed it as far as i could think possible. unfortunately i can’t scan this stuff so well, so it’s just scanned, inverted and levels adjusted in photoshop.

this was processed at the equivalent of 20°C @ 18 minutes in microphen.

who said film was dead?

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this morning on CNN, i saw a programme which covered the story of a man who went into cardiac arrest. most presumed he was dead, but with a little faith the doctors brought him back to life.

the same can be said of film. i own two digital cameras, one i use for occasional work, the second was a point and shoot i carried around everywhere for two weeks until its LCD screen cracked in my pocket. these two however pail in comparison with the 30 or 40 so film cameras i own.

i have been the first one to fear the death of 35mm and other film formats since i went one day to my local lab who now only turns on the machine twice a week due to the lack of demand. this was a pretty symbolic step for me to witnes; coupled with tesco selling off cheap in my local metro, the last of their film stocks, i gathered that film for the masses was in intensive care, and i think i was right.

but just let’s look for a moment at some recent developments. whatever your opinions on lomography, they’re alive and strong and selling cameras that were long long dead in major high-street retailers. ebay is flooded with film camera. the world’s first TLR camera to use 35mm film was developed… that’s right, created, a new product. the people who are fighting to keep polaroid alive, or moreover restart its heart have inspired polaroid to relaunch one of their cameras.

but what about film, rollei have launched a pretty good 127 film, a format which has been all but dead for many years, allowing cameras that have previously been pretty specialist to be used again.

for the moment film is safe! people are resisting the death of old formats, when businesses are struggling and jumping ship in these tough financial times, with the result that companies are starting to listen. we have new cameras, new films, the future is looking rosy.

the question however that i ask myself with many of these formats though is how long it will last. polaroid discontinued their film because too few people wanted it, 127 film died because other superior or more convenient formats arrived. when polaroid comes back, maybe we’ll each buy a couple of packs, and maybe we’ll buy some 127 film and run a few rolls, but it’s not the lack of film that’s the problem, it’s the shooting habits of the people.

without commercialising these formats based on mere trend a la lomography… how long will this revival last?


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red dotted holgarama

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